You Need to Calm Down: 10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Everyone gets angry, and it is a normal emotion. But sometimes this emotion can give us a bad experience. So to control these emotions and to calm down, there are many ways which people adopt, which can be a long way. But anger comes in seconds, so to control anger, your response should be as fast as you can. Here are the 10 quick ways to calm down.


Breathe-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

In the situation of anxiety and anger, we lose control of our body which cause take of wrong decisions. To overcome the anxiety situation, taking deep and slow breathing can be beneficial and avoid fast breathing. Try to breathe in from the nose and breathe out from the mouth. Count to four when you breathe in and then count to eight while breathing out.

Do this process for several minutes until you calm down. In a time of stress, people are doing breathing exercises daily. There are many breathing exercises like Equal Breathing and Deep Breathing. Check this link to know about 10 breathing exercises. You can follow the suitable one because you need to calm down.

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Most of the anger comes because of internal problems, family, and financial issues. When you think you are losing control of yourself, then you need to calm down. Close your eyes and go into a room where nobody can disturb you.

Most of the sensory stimulation comes in through the eyes, so closing down your eyes will give a short break from this world. So go to bed and don’t fall asleep only need to close your eyes for a while. This method will not only calm yourself down but also give you time to think about the problem.

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Massage your Body Pressure Points

Massage your Body Pressure Points-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Massage your body pressure points can be very helpful in reducing anxiety. According to a massage therapist, anger and anxiety contribute to muscle pain and tension. Anger can lead to stress, which can be reduced with the help of massage. Massage will help you to get out of all the negative thoughts and anger from your body.

It is a natural and healthy way to release all the pressure in your body. Regular massage will help you to keep yourself calm down and happier. There are many types of massages, like  Trigger Point Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Check this link to know more about massages types.

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Identify your Anxiety Causes

Identify your Anxiety Causes-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

To remove the problem first, you have to identify the problem. The same rule implements on anxiety and anger. Many things come in your mind, which furious you. You have to determine which elements are increasing your anger. Like if you have a financial or family problem, you need to make plans to overcome these issues.

Half of the problem will be solved when you identify them, and it will also help you to calm down. Many tools are available in the market to identify anxiety. These tools help us to identify the heart rate, which increases because of anxiety or anger. Some of the tools remind us to take deep and slow breathe in that scenario.

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Listen to Music

Listen to Music-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Music is known as a food for the soul, and it is a belief of many people. But you need to very careful to select the music in a time of anger. In a situation of anger listening to rock music is like twist the knife. This is an experimental truth listening fast music will not help you to calm down in a tense situation.

So soft music can be very fruitful for you when you need to calm down. Listening to music will create a calm effect on your body. Even listening to music and walking in a peaceful place will give your soul calmness.

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Keep Smile on Face

Keep Smile on Face-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Your face is a representation of your emotions. If you have an angry face look, then nobody will try to talk with you. Keep a smile on the face is the best way to tackle anger and anxiety, and it will lower your stress level. Another thing is that a fake smile will also work as a real smile for you because the brain can not differentiate it.

Indirectly you can say that you trick your brain for your benefit. Besides calm down, it has many other advantages. It will attract people towards yourself and boost your mood. So smile must be on your face if you need to calm down.

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Mother Teresa

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Drink Water and Take a Cold Shower

Drink Water and Take a Cold Shower-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Have you noticed when you are thirsty, then you show anger? After drinking water, your mood gets better, so it means water has a considerable impact on your brain. So drinking water in a whole day will keep you calm down.

If you are stuck in something and you are not finding a way, then drinking water will refresh your mind to think about that. Taking a cold shower is another way to calm yourself down. Taking a cold bath will give your body freshness and help you to get rid of negative thoughts.  

Write Down your Thoughts

Write Down your Thoughts-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Many things are going in our minds, and we are keep thinking about them instead of solving them. These things sometimes create anxiety, which disturbs our calmness. So whenever and whatever worrying something comes in your mind, write them down.

After getting calm down by following other ways, then think about written down problems. Then create a plan for these listed down problems and overcome them. In that way, you can entirely remove the worrying things which are circulating in your mind. So to calm down, act upon this technique.

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Eat Healthy Food

Eat Healthy Food-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

Whatever you eat, it has an impact on your body. In the case of food, your body is like a machine. If you give it a bad gas, then it will stop working at some point. So a proper food diet must be necessary for human life. Study shows that eating less carbohydrate and more fruits reduced anxiety, anger, and depression.

Food like dark chocolate banana and Yogurt can be useful to calm down your anxiety instantly. Create a food plan for a month, or at least for a week; then you will see changes in your body.

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Take a Break from Social Media

Take a Break from Social Media-10 Quick Ways to Calm Down

If you need to calm down, then you should take a break from the social media platform. Now the world is a global village, and everybody has access to these platforms. Everybody is tweeting and posting, and sometimes we don’t like their stuff, which causes angriness.

Everybody knows that once you get addicted to social media, then it is tough to leave it. Start with a break of one day then two days later a week, and you will calm down after that. So to keep yourself away from angriness if you want to use social media, then try to stay away from negative things.


All the ways that are discussed above are the way to calm yourself down quickly. In life, you will face many problems which will give you anxiety. So you have to face these problems by removing your depression, anger, and anxiety.

Those persons who are calm down in every situation are the true inspiration for ourselves they are the real heroes. Apply all the above things if you need to calm down and Don’t forget to share with your love ones.


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