5 Sources to Watch Free HD Movies

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Do you want to watch HD movies for free? In this article, I will share five sites from where you can watch free movies and TV shows.

There are some websites that are considered to be illegal, like 123movies. You can watch movies on it but don’t download anything from these sites.

Today I will provide you top 5 legal sites from where you can watch movies for free.

1. Crackle

watch free hd movies from crackle

This is a really good source of watching free HD movies. Crackle is an application that runs on almost every device like mobiles, tablets, TV, etc.

This is a joint venture between Chicken Soup and Sony Pictures Television. You don’t need to signup to watch free movies.

On Registration, you can save your videos and also sync your content across devices. Registration is 100% free.

This app is completely free. It runs some ads at the start and between content. You can watch your favorite TV shows and HD movies for free.

This app is only available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and in some countries of Latin America.

Don’t worry there are many techniques to unblock crackle if you are not from these countries:

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2. Pluto TV

Pluto tv to watch free movies

Another good source to watch free movies. This site offers 75 different channels, live TV, movies and also you can watch internet videos.

You have to register to this site to watch HD movies for free. You can watch TV without creating an account.

There are also application of Pluto for IOS and Android:

It is available in UK, US, Europe. Also available in Canada, but in limited capacity. You can also Unblock it in your country to watch free movies and TV:



Another platform for watching free HD movies with ads. You can buy the premium package for removing ads.

All the movies on this platform are not free. You have to buy some movies. There is a large collection of free movies and TV shows available on it.

The good thing about it is available world wide. You can watch free movie from any region of the world.


This platform has a collection of movies released in last 21 years. Not only movies this site also contain short films, documentaries, TV shows and even viral videos.

You can watch free movies on this site but there i no application available for Android or IOS, means you have to watch anything only on this site.

5. Youtube


You all know about Youtube. Youtube is agood source of watching free movies or any drama or documentaries.

Youtube show ads at start and between its videos. You can block these ads using ad blocker or there are number of Youtube vanced applications available on Google.

Another thing is that sometimes videos or movies are in very low quality. You can still watch many HD movies and HD videos on Youtube for free.


These are some websites and platforms for watching free HD movies. You can watch many movies from these websites. For more platforms Visit wellkeptwallet.

Watch this video for more details:

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