5 best Vietnam War Movies that give Life Lessons

Every movie that you watch in your life must have life lessons. You need to try to adopt these life lessons in life. As you learn something new and adopt in your life it beautifies your life. Lessons that are got from difficult situations left an impact on life. Mostly difficult situation lessons in movies can be getting from movies. 5 Sources to Watch Free HD Movies

Vietnam War movies are full of life lessons it will help you to understand the complexities in the war. So here are the 5 best Vietnam War Movies that will give you Life Lessons.

Good Morning, Vietnam

In this movie among the Vietnam War movies list, Robin Williams is sent to Vietnam. Robin purpose of going to Vietnam is to bring smiles on the faces of the soldiers through radio broadcasting.

Many of the officers consider his comedy unorthodox in such a tense situation. Officers even tried to censor his broadcasting. He also made interaction with a Vietnamese girl and he also experienced the realities of the war. His Dark Materials Season 2 Returns: Everything You Need To Know

Good Morning, Vietnam Best Scenes

Full Metal Jacket

This movie is about young men who got the training of Marine Corps and sent to Vietnam. The main character of this movie is J.T. ‘Joker’ Davis, and he is one of the recruits.

In this story, one of the recruits Lawrence has a difficult time. They have to face a difficult time and it is one best of the Vietnam War movies to watch. Top 10 Life-Changing Inspirational Movies you Must Watch

Full Metal Jacket Trailer

The Deer Hunter

Three friends Micheal, Nick and Steven are working-class friends in Pennsylvania steel town. After reaching in Vietnam they are captured by the North Vietnamese army and they are sent to camps.

In camps, their purpose is to amuse the soldiers. This is one of the Vietnam War movies that are not only telling the destruction but also the effects on human psychology. How to Choose a Psychologist That Can Change Your Life

Deer Hunter (1978) – Russian roulette scene (3 bullets)

Apocalypse Now

In Vietnam in 1970, Captain Willard is sent on a special mission to find and kill a Colonel Kurtz. The main purpose behind his killing order is that Colonel Kurtz has set up his army in the jungle. There is a lot of drama of fight in this movie and it is one of the best Vietnam War movies to watch. Top 10 best True Story Movies that You must Watch

Apocalypse Now (1979) Official Trailer


In this movie a young boy who left his university and joined the Vietnam war in 1967. When he joined the war in the battle filed he lost his interest in it. He saw the fight in his unit just because of the villagers. 4 Entrepreneur Movies to Watch for a Successful Business

One officer is against the villagers because he thinks they are giving living space to Vietnamese soldiers. On the other hand, the Second officer is very polite towards villagers. So this is one of the Vietnam movies that will give you many lessons. The Most Anticipated War Movies of 2020 – Men’s Health

Platoon (1986) – Barnes Crosses the Line Scene


After reading all the stories of the Vietnam War movies you may have realized the situation in the War is different from the whole world. In War, soldiers are demanding for these things that are not considered very important in our life like food that we waste, wasted water. How to Make Money on Tiktok With or Without Followers

So watch all these movies and get a lesson from it and implement these things. Hope you will give me a positive response. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.


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