5 Quick Ways to Improve your Problem Solving Techniques

Life is full of problems, and nobody can’t deny the issues. Everybody has to face difficulties somewhere in life. Many people fail to solve problems because they have no problem-solving techniques, which cost them in the future. So we came here to tell you about the five quick ways to upgrade your problem-solving approach.

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Take a Deep Breathe

Whenever a problem comes to us, then we start to lose control of our bodies. Losing control of our bodies will lead us to make the wrong decision, which can cost us. To overcome the problem, start to breathe deep and don’t do fast breathing. As fast you will take breathe, it will make you more furious. Anger Management Exercises to Control Anger.

Take a Deep Breathe problem solving techniques

So take a slow and deep breath, breathe in from the nose and breathe out from the mouth. Count to 8 seconds while breathing and then count to 8 while breathing out. This problem-solving technique will help you to calm down, which is very necessary to solve the problem. This method is very good at the situation facing issues at the initial stage. 10 Breathing Techniques.

Use the Six Thinking Hat Technique

Many times in our life, we stuck at some point whether to take this decision or not. 10 Quick Ways to Better your Life Satisfaction. Then the incompetence of our decision making leads us to failure.  To solve the problem, six thinking hat techniques can be beneficial in decision making. Here are the six thinking hats problem-solving techniques, and you can use it to solve your problem.

Use the Six Thinking Hat Technique

White Hat

Discuss all the facts and information under this hat. E.g. The generated revenue is two times less than in previous years.

Yellow Hat

Discuss all the positive aspects of your decision under this hat. E.g., This decision will lift our revenue by more than 10 percent.

Black Hat

Discuss the adverse outcomes of your decision under this hat. E.g., The Company’s revenue can face a loss of up to 10 percent.

Green Hat

Discuss all the alternative decisions and fresh ideas under this hat. E.g., Instead of selling this product to A company, revenue can be doubled by selling the product to B company.

Red Hat

Discuss all the fear, disappointment, and enthusiasm related to the decision under this hat. E.g., This decision can make many employees furious in the company.

Blue Hat

This hat manages all the hats. E.g., Now we will discuss all the positivity(Yellow Hat) of this decision for 30 minutes. Top 10 Easy Ways to Get a Positive Mindset.

Using all six hats is one of the best problem-solving techniques. It is one of the most effective decision-making tools.

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You can Solve any Problem with these Six Hats

5 Whys Problem Solving Technique

Before finding the solution to the problem, it is necessary to understand why this problem occurs. By going towards the depth of the problem, you can eliminate all the attached problem permanently so that it never comes again. The 5 Whys can be best to reach to the center of the problem, and it is one of the best problem-solving techniques. Mood Disorders, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment.

5 Whys Problem Solving Technique

First of all, ask the answer from the main occurrence problem. Then make a question from early why answer and so on a question from the second answer. Until you reached the depth of the problem, do the questioning.

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Discuss Problem with Close One

We humans have a problem; we don’t want to tell our problems with others.  Not telling our problems to close one will affect us mentally, and it won’t be easy to handle the situation. It might be a possibility they can’t help you, but it will reduce your mental pressure, which is a source to address the problem. Types of Personality Disorders, Causes, and Symptoms.

Discuss Problem with Close One problem solving techniques

So discussing issues with close ones is also one of the best problem-solving techniques.  They can help you, or they can give you a suggestion which is very helpful in solving the problem.

Focus on the Solution

Focus on the Solution problem solving techniques

After the problem comes, many people start blaming others for a situation that is good to some extent, but the focus should be on the solution. If we restrict ourselves to the problem and stop thinking about the problem solution, then none will solve it. So keep your attention and focus on the solution is one of the best problem-solving techniques. You Need to Calm Down: 10 Quick Ways to Calm Down.  


After reading the entire above problem-solving techniques, you have realized this is one of the quick ways to solve your problem. So follow these ways, and I hope you will overcome your problem as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones. IQ Quiz: Are You Genius or Not? Check Your IQ level now.


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