Overcome Laziness: Reasons and Ways to Overcome Laziness

Want to overcome laziness? How to stop being lazy? There are thousands of searches on google on this topic. It means a lot of people in this world feel lazy.

Most of the people say they feel lazy when they are doing some work. Mainly students become lazy when they want to study.

Today, I will tell you that what are the reasons of laziness? Why you feel lazy? What are the ways to overcome laziness?

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Reasons for Laziness and Overcome Laziness

reasons of laziness

If you want to overcome laziness, then, first of all, you must know why you feel sluggish.

If you find the cause of being lazy, then you can overcome laziness easily. So here are some reasons and there solutions that why you feel sluggish:

1. Lack of Interest

lack of interest: overcome laziness

Lack of Interest is one of the biggest reasons for being lazy. How? For example, I am a student of Computer science, and I have no interest in the fields of Computer Science.

My parents ask me to study Computer Science. Remember, if you are not interested in a thing, you will never be motivated towards that thing.

Lack of interest means a lack of motivation. I am not interested in Computers, and I will study or working on it then obviously I feel bored and lazy.

Students are dozing during studies and sleep in class. The main reason is you are not interested in that thing.

Sometimes you lost your interest in a thing in which you no interest. Here is the solution of your problem.


You are searching to overcome laziness, and it means you want to change yourself. So here are some tips that can build your interest:

  • Spend your time with friend. For example you have no interest in a subject make a group of friends and study that subject.
  • Visit a beautiful place once or two in a month.
  • Research about the field in which you are not interested
  • Some more factors discuss in next sections
  • Focus on achieving your goal

Means you have to focus on your body. If you are fit means your mind is fresh. Second thing research on google about your field.

Like real life applications, careers, future of that field. Believe me it will help you a lot to build your interest.

Try the last point, research on your field for just 10 mins you will get results. Watch videos on Youtube .

2. Distraction


Another reason of laziness is distraction. You are doing a work and you will be distract towards unrelated things.

For example study in front of TV. You will defiantly distracted towards TV. Following are the main reasons of distraction:

  • Social Media
  • Talkative People
  • Thinking About Upcoming Events


If you are distract towards things in which you have interest, defiantly you will distract towards such things and you lost your interest in your work.

To overcome laziness you have to overcome the distraction. Avoid all things that can distract you while doing your work.

If you are using social media the note down that how much time you spend on it. Turn off your phone or put it on silent if you don’t need it.

Try to spend less time on social media and use that time for your other activities. create a plan for your whole day.

Similarly avoid such friends during your work that are talkative. Try to think about your work not about any other things or events.

3. Unhealthy Body

unhealthy body: overcome laziness

If we have not a healthy body, we have an unhealthy Brain. There is a direct connection between the body and the brain.

If the brain is not healthy, we feel lazy. So make your body healthy so that your mind becomes healthy.

The main reason of an unhealthy body is unhygienic food. If you feel lazy focus on your diet.

unhygienic food

If you eat a lot, your body have to use more energy to digest it. The more energy it uses means you feel lazy.

Avoid these bad habits,so that your mind will remain fresh and you can overcome laziness.


To make your mind healthy and overcome laziness follow these steps:

  • Take healthy food.
  • Don’t eat a lot
  • Take a full night’s sleep.
  • Go for a morning walk or long run.
  • Exercise for 15 minutes or 20 minutes in the morning.
  • Do smaller tasks that positively impact your mind, like tricky questions, brain training apps.

Most of the people has problem that they are not taking full night’s sleep. It is very important for health and mind.

Your mind becomes relax if you are taking full night’s sleep. If your mind is relax you will never feel lazy.

These are some best ways to make your mind healthy and overcoming laziness.

4.Too Much To Do

overwhelmed: overcome laziness

When you feel overwhelmed, your mind gets confused, it slows down and you feel lazy.


So don’t thing that this work is too much for you. Keep telling yourself that you can do this easily. It is self motivation and really important.

Mind is like a Computer. If you put a large amount of data in Computer it will take more time to compute it.

Similarly if you think about many things at a time, your mind slows down and you feel lazy. Focus on the current work that you are doing.

So, if you want to overcome laziness, You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Convince yourself that the work is not too much for you.

5. Unplanned Life


Every one has to do many things means work in a day. If you will randomly do all these things without any timetable, mind becomes confuse.

When your mind stuck in different works, it slows down and you will feel lazy.


Take out your notebook and right down all the things that you have to do in a day. Create a timetable for all the tasks you have to do.

Spend a specific time on each activity. Focus on your current work. Don’t overwhelmed your mind.

Take out your time for rest and also for some physical activity. Rest is also very important for mind and whole

Follow the time table daily and believe me you can overcome laziness easily. If you follow a timetable you can see that you have enough free time.

Many people said that they are not free. They have no free time in whole day. I think by following a timetable you can get enough time.

If you have leisure time spend it with your family.


The most important thing to overcome laziness is interest. Try to build your interest in things. No interest means laziness.

To overcome laziness it is very important to relax your mind so that you can feel good.

Don’t overwhelmed your mind, because your mind will get confuse and slows down and you feel lazy.

Try to maintain your body. Make it healthy, so that your mind will also remains healthy.

Plan your all the tasks of the day. It will help you to save a lot of time. Take a time for relaxation which is important.

Focus on present moments, what are you doing now is very important. Stay away from such things that are cause of distraction.

Tell me in comment section that these things work for you or not also if you like this post share it with your friends.

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