How to Make Money on Tiktok With or Without Followers

Do you want to make money from Tiktok? In this article i will show you some ways that how you can monetize Tiktok.

Tiktok became more popular after its connection with Instagram. Now lot of people share videos to their stories daily.

Tiktok is now a very big platform, but the quantity of quality content on it is very small. It means you can grow on it if you have a quality content.

The algorithm of Tiktok is very strange. Means you can get views on any video without doing anything and sometimes a quality content don’t get more views.

All the ways to make money on Tiktok are linked with huge amount of followers, but there is a way from which you can earn without follower.

People are searching for quality content. If you have quality content you can get more Follower.

Although there is no service provided by Tiktok like Google Adsense, but you can still earn from it.

Tiktok recently announced $200 million funds for their top creators.

Ways to Make Money on Tiktok

Selling Accounts and Make Money

make money on tiktok

If you know how to get more followers on Tiktok then people are in search of accounts having good followers.

You can also provide service on Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and UPwork. People are searching for followers, like people who want to promote a business.

You can make accounts on Tiktok and then get followers if you know about tricks or ways to get more followers and sell these accounts to make money .

Promoting Your Own Business

make money on tiktok

If you have your own business like a blog or a brand or anything. You can promote it on Tiktok and earn money from it.

One thing to remember before promoting your business is people come on Tiktok for fun. Means you have to create a fun in your video.

Like you are selling a product make a video on it by putting some song in background or try to make a funny video. People on Tiktok attracted towards these things.

You can also use Tiktok ads to promote your content and earn money from this platform.

Tiktok Consultant

make money on tiktok

If you have a good knowledge of Tiktok that how it works to rank someone or how to get more followers, you will be a consultant of Tiktok.

You can provide a service as a Tiktok consultant and make money as a consultant.

To be a consultant you have to learn somethings like how Algorithm of Tiktok works and how someone get more followers on Tiktok..

Earn By Promoting Brands or be an agent

I am not talking about promoting big brands. Search the market around you. Check all the new brands that are opened recently.

Contact them and tell them you have a good amount of followers on Tiktok. I can promote your business on Tiktok by making different videos.

You can also be a manager between Tiktokers and brands. Means if you don’t have much followers contact a Tiktoker having good amount of followers.

You can take order from brands and give it to someone on Tiktok. Take commision from both sides.

So, this is another way to make money on Tiktok, if you don’t have followers.


If you want to earn from Tiktok there is no direct way provided by Tiktok. You can still earn money from this app if you have a good fan following. Like selling accounts , promoting business and become a consultant.

If you don’t have a good fan following you can still earn by becoming an agent between Tiktokers and Brands.

These are not only some ways to earn from Tiktok. There is lot of ideas available on internet. I like these ideas that’s why i mention them.

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