10 Best Hacking Movies that can Inspire to Learn Hacking

Many of us want to become a hacker and they need motivation and inspiration. Before starting learning hacking inspiration is very key which can get from the hacking movies. Here are the 10 Best Hacking Movies that inspire you to Learn Hacking. IQ Quiz: Are You Genius or Not? Check Your IQ level now

The Matrix

In this movie, Neo is finding the answer to what is the matrix? Neo believes that Morpheus one of the most dangerous alive man can answer this question. Neo succeeds to meet with Morpheus through Trinity. Then they fight brutally with secret agents and it is one of the best hacking movies to watch. Best Movies About Magic That You Must Watch


A Hackers movie is one of the hacking movies that can inspire you. In this movie, an allegation of theft millions of dollars was on 11-year young guy Dade Murphy. After crashing 1500 Wall Street Computers he was banned for seven years from touching the keyboard. 5 Sources to Watch Free HD Movies

War Games

In this movie high school student, Lightman accidentally hacks into the military computer while searching a video game.  Lightman activates the nuclear after starting the global thermonuclear war game. After realizing Lightman with his girlfriend searched for a way to stop WW3.  This is one of the interesting hacking movies to watch. 10 Christopher Nolan Movies to Increase your Intelligence


A former employee Kevin Flynn a software engineer is finding his way to hack his old company. But it is difficult to break the mainframe system. The purpose of Flynn hacking is to find evidence about the company stolen his ideas. TRON can be one of those hacking movies that inspire you to learn to hack. Hollywood Most loved Celebrities


In this movie, Martin and his team test the securities of the companies. Two National Security Agency officers met with him and asked him to steal the decryption device. Martin realized that this device can be very dangerous if it is in the wrong hands. This movie has many things to watch and it will inspire you to learn hacking by watching this type of hacking movies. Famous Celebrity Twins You Didn’t Know About

The Number 23

This movie is a reality-based story of Germans hackers. In this movie, a guy who is an orphan purchased a computer. With the help of his friend break many systems including the USA government system. They make money by selling sensitive data to KGB. It is one of the best real based hacking movies that inspire you to learn to hack. 5 best Vietnam War Movies that give Life Lessons


In this movie federal agent propose the idea of FBI work with China to find criminals. Criminals hacked the Hong Kong nuclear plant and trade exchange in Chicago and many more to watch in this movie. Black is one of the latest hacking movies that you should watch. Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

The Great Hack

This is also one of the latest and real based scandals hacking movies and it is about the Facebook scandal. A British investigate journalist reveals that Facebook works Cambridge Analytica which is involved in the politics of many countries. They have allegations of involvement in the UK’s Brexit and 2016 USA general elections. Top 10 best True Story Movies that You must Watch

Mr. Robot

In this movie a young programmer Elliot who works as a cybersecurity engineer. Elliot is approached by Mr Robot, he asked him to join the group of hacktivists. The aim of this group is to destroy all the financial data of the company. This series is one of the useful hacking movies to watch. How to Make Money on Tiktok With or Without Followers

The Net

This movie is about a programmer who is looking to enjoy her free time but she stuck in the conspiracy of a group of cybercriminals. Her friends started dying and many more to watch in this movie. This is one of the hacking movies that give you lesson and inspiration. What We Learned About Technology From 1995’s The Net


All the movies that are given can be a source of inspiration for hacking. Because graphically things motivate you better than text irrespective of motive guy. Some of these movies are based on the real world. So watch these movies and know about what is happening in the hacking world and it can be useful in 2021. Watch all the movies and don’t follow the negative path. So give me your positive feedback. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones. IQ Quiz: Are You Genius or Not? Check Your IQ level now


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