4 Entrepreneur Movies to Watch for a Successful Business

Do you have a business? You want to grow it? If yes, you need hard work and also inspiration. In this article i will tell you about top entrepreneur movies that that helps you to inspire you and how to grow your business.

These movies will tell you that how to manage your business by making right decisions and planning

Here are some best inspiring movies for entrepreneurs

1. The Social Network (2010)

Entrepreneur Movies

It is a biographical drama film, directed by David Fincher. It tells us about how  Mark Zuckerberg found social media website Facebook.

After 6 years Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire and he is sued by two brothers and his best friend. They claim that he stoles their idea of Facebook.

This movie is one of the best entrepreneur movies, because it tells how a student is able to develop a social media platform.

It also tells that how Mark Zuckerberg as an entrepreneur deals legal matters. So, i think you have to watch this movie.

2. Pirates of Silicon Valley(1999)

This movie is directed by Martyn Burke. The movie focus on two personalities Steve Jobs who founded Apple company and Bill Gates , founder of Microsoft.

This movie tells you that how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs make the world of technology. The world of technology in which we are living in is because of these two men.

This is one of the best entrepreneur movies that shows the struggle of these two personalities during their college life and how these two are able to make their companies.

I think these are the two best entrepreneurs in the world. If you able to know that how they make these companies you can also struggle like them.

3. JOY(2015)

Entrepreneur Movies

This movie is based on Joy Mangano, known for the invention of self wringing Miracle Mop. This movie is directed by David O. Russell.

This movie shows that how an airline booking agent is able to make his own product and become a millionare.

Jennifer Lawrence has main role in the movie. She is an airline booking agent and has a small family.

So this is another one of the best entrepreneur movies. You can get inspiration from this movie. How you can start a business if you have same tough conditions like Joy.

She struggles with tough family life and tough conditions and able to make his own product and become an inventor and entrepreneur.


This movie is about the rise and fall of internet companies during a stock market bubble called dot-com bubble.

This is a documentary movie, which is based on the story of GovWorks. During the dot-com bubble company is at its peak.

After the end of dot-com bubble the company eventually falls down because of mismanagement.

So, that’s why this movie is in the list of best entrepreneur movies.


Hope you like this post. There are number of movies available on internet but i like these movies a lot.

Tell me in comment section which movie do you like? Vote this post and also check our latest articles by visiting home page.


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