Effects of Drugs on Brain and Heart

In this article i will discuss some effects of drugs on brain and heart. There are different types of drugs in this world, and these drugs will affect your health in different ways.

It also vary from person to person. Drugs attack on almost every part of body. A person with strong immune system can resist it, means drugs can not destroy such persons easily.

drugs effects on health also depends on types of drugs, the strength of the drug, another drug already in the body etc.

Drugs of any type can affect our body, but the effect of illegal drugs is very serious. Illegal drugs like cocaine can damage every part of our body.

Now we are going to start that how drugs can affect our health by attacking on different parts of body:

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Effects of Drugs on Brain

effects of drugs on brain

Brain is the most complex part of our body. It has billions of cells and has a complex structure. It controls the whole body.

Drugs attacks on three main parts of our brain:

Brain Stem

It controls all the things of your body that you need to stay alive like breathing, blood movement , digestive system and also connected with the spinal cord. Contact between body and the brain through messages is control by spinal cord.

Drugs attacks on this part of brain and you can understand that if drugs damages this part of brain then what are the effects of drugs on your health.

Limbic System

Limbic System

This part of brain controls our emotions like love hate etc. Attack on this part of brain means attack on emotions.

Limbic system also controls some other functions like memory and behavior. Limbic system also helps in the formation of memory.

Drugs attack on this part of the brain. There are numerous effects of drugs on Limbic system like memory loss, less emotional etc.

Cerebral Mantle

cerebral cortex

This part of brain is divide into many parts. The front part of it is called frontal cortex. Frontal cortex is the center of thinking. It means drugs can affect your thinking ability.

Some parts of cerebral cortex process information from senses. This part allow us to see, feel, hear and taste.

Due to damaging of this part will be that you will become senseless if you take lot of drugs and as i mention earlier it depends upon the strength of drug.

Effects of Drugs on Heart

effects of drugs on heart

Heart is the main part of our body which pumps the blood in our body. Drugs also attacks the heart and specially illegal drugs.

Drugs like cocaine, Amphetamine, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine etc, can cause the following heart diseases:

  • Slows down the flow of Oxygen
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Narrowed Arteries

These are the effects of drugs on heart. These effects led to the heart attack. If you want to prevent heart attack then click on the link below:

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In this blog we discuss about effects of drugs on heart and brain. Drugs can damage our thinking power, memory and also attack on senses.

Similarly drugs attack our heart and cause many heart diseases which led to heart attack.

Illegal drugs have more harm then other drugs. So try to limit the drugs so that you will remain healthy. Only take such drugs that doctor allows you.

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