10 Christopher Nolan Movies to Increase your Intelligence

Today we came to know about 10 Christopher Nolan’s Movies to Increase your Intelligence, and his films are full of thinking and understanding. IQ Quiz: Are You Genius or Not? Check Your IQ level now. There are many types of movies; some movies build you, and some broke you. So the choice must consider before watching any movie, and it must be good.

His movies will sharpen your mind. It would help if you kept the intent of learning and want to understand while watching his films because it is not easy. So watch every movie listed below until you know the whole film.


Memento Christopher Nolan Movies

Memento came in 2000, and it did a business of more than $40 million. In this movie, a guy tracked a man who raped and killed his wife. The guy Guy Pearce(Leonard Shelby) has a problem of forgetting after every 15 minutes, and his purpose is to take revenge for his wife. Memento is one of the earliest Christopher Nolan movies to check your intelligence. 5 Iconic Movie Characters That Can Never Be Replaced.


Insomnia Christopher Nolan movies

Insomnia did a business of more than $113 million, released in 2002. This movie is around a murdered girl in a small town in Alaska, where a policeman does the investigation. Many events occurred, and the detective feels the threat, and many more in this move. These Christopher Nolan’s movies are one of the difficult to watch and understand. 4 Entrepreneur Movies to Watch for a Successful Business.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins Christopher Nolan movies

2005 launched Batman Begins earned more than $205 million only in North America. Batman Begins around a guy who traveled to the far east, and he trained there in martial arts. After knowing the purpose of his joined the Shadow league, his fight with Ra’s al Ghul and the Scarecrow will check your intelligence in one of the Christopher Nolan’s movies.

The Prestige

The Prestige  Christopher Nolan movies

The Prestige launched in 2006, and it did a business of more than $100 million. This movie is mostly perfect for those who have a fond of magic. Two magicians tried to beat each other with their magic in a show, leading to a fight and threat of people’s lives. Everyone should try this movie in Christopher Nolan’s movies list.

The Dark Night

The Dark Night Christopher Nolan movies

2006 movie The Dark Night did a business of more than $1 Billion. In this movie, Batman, with his team, git a Gotham city control and protected it from crime. Where a twist came, a young man who called himself a joker throws the town into the chaos. The Dark Night is the second movie of Christopher Nolan’s movies Batman series, and it is the best movie to watch.


Inception Christopher Nolan's movies

Inception, which did an $833.6 million business, was released in 2010, will test your memory and intelligence. An only intelligent person understands this movie at first. This movie is around a thief who can enter into people’s dreams and steal their thoughts. Inception is one of the Christopher Nolan movies that are competing with the best.

The Dark Night Rises

The Dark Night Rises Christopher Nolan's movies

2012 released movie The Dark Night Rises crossed more than $1 billion in earning. It is the third one and last movie of the Batman series. In this movie, cunning cat burglar and a merciless terrorist named Bane force batman into the battle to never win. It would help if you watched all these Batman Christopher Nolan movies to improve your intelligence.


Interstellar Christopher Nolan's movies

Interstellar worldwide earned a total of $677.4 million across the World, released in 2014. In this movie, NASA scientists research to move all the earth’s population to the other planet via a wormhole. NASA sends his team to find the best planets suitable among three worlds. This movie is fascinating to watch on the Christopher movies list.


Dunkirk Christopher Nolan's movies

Dunkirk did a business of $188 million, released in 2017. If you are fond of World War 2 movies or history, then it is good to watch. This movie presented a scenario of 1940 when Germany advanced into France. All the allied forces on Dunkirk’s beach were waiting for exits and facing a German fighter plane. In the end, 330,000 allied troops succeed in leaving the beach.


Tenet Christopher Nolan Movies

Tenet released this year, and it has crossed the earning more than $150 million. In this movie, the spy has a task to save the Earth from World War 3 by starting a time-bending mission. It is one of the best Christopher Nolan movies to watch. Christopher Nolan has earned the loyalty of fans. ‘Tenet’ will test just how much that’s worth.


You see many people around you in life, but you prefer those who can give you benefits. Like this, the preference of movies must be considered, and it should be like beneficial movies. So give your positive feedback. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.


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