Surprisingly Weird Celebrity Facts that are Hard to Believe

Everybody wants to about their favorite celebrity. They think that celebrities are something else, but deep down, they also have something that can be found in any ordinary person. Here are some surprisingly weird celebrity facts that will blow your mind.

Leighton Meester was born in jail

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 Yes, you heard it right Leighton was born in jail. She was born when her mother was serving a ten-year sentence for the 1980’s drug case. Shortly after her birth, she was sent to live with her grandmother. After the release of her mother, she was sent to lie with her mother. Leighton revealed this herself and said that the experience made her non-judgmental.

Kate Middleton and Elen Degeneres are related distantly

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Both are 15th pair cousins. Both are relatives and are related through Sir Thomas Fairfax and his wife, Agnes Gascoigne. They lived in the UK in the early 1500s.

Charles Harrelson, who was Woody Harrelson’s father, was a hitman who was charged with many murders.

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The famous actor who is almost loved by everyone was a hitman. Well, that’s an interesting one about your favorite celebrity.

Famous Bryan Cranston was a suspect in a murder investigation one time

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He once traveled across America by road. During this adventure, he picks some odd jobs. He worked in a restaurant where he used to make jokes about his boss with the staff that he wanted to “kill him.” The chief of the restaurant ends up dead with Bryan coincidencedently leaving town at the same time. He becomes a suspect for the murder, but in the end, he was able to prove his innocence.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s first name was decided so early by looking at a Leonardo da Vinci painting in a gallery in Florence

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It’s an exciting story about DiCaprio’s name. The name was decided by his mother when she was pregnant. His mother decided DiCaprio’s name by looking at a Leonard Da Vinci painting in a Florence gallery. Dicaprio kicked when his mother was looking at the picture. His father took that as a sign and named him Leonard.

Nicolas Cage’s original name is Nicolas Kim Coppola.

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Nicola chose his stage name as Nicolas Cage, which is based on his favorite comic book character Luke Cage.  Nicolas is actually a member of the Coppola family, who is acting royalty. When he decides to pursue his career in acting he chose the stage name in order to distance himself from his family relatives.

Ariana Grande consistently wears her hair in a Ponytail style

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She always wears her hair in ponytail style because it’s permanently damaged. Her hair is damaged due to the excessive use of dye. She used to dye a lot because of her role in Nickelodeon. She had to bleach her hair and dye it red every week for the first four years of her role in Nickelodeon. That is why her hair becomes so broken and ratchet that it looks hideous when she let it down.

Hope you like these crazy celebrity facts.

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