10 Popular Celebrities Who Smoke: Unexpected Smokers

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Here we came to know about those celebrities who smoke, and it will be hard for you to believe. As everybody knows that smoking is not suitable for your health, it causes many issues in your body. These types of habits are difficult to quit. So read this whole article, you will be surprised to know about celebrities who smoke.

Zayn Malik

Malik is an English singer and songwriter. He was popular with his boy band One Direction, but then he left it in 2015 and then started solo singing. Zayn Malik is one of the Celebrities who smoke, which makes its fan unhappy. Fans believed smoking is not suitable for his vocals; that’s why he faces criticism many times. Surprisingly Weird Celebrity Facts that are Hard to Believe

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is a charming American actress and model. She started her career when she was 10 years with a minor role in the movie “Crazy in Alabama.”. Dakota is not like those celebrities who smoke in public. She came in the list of smokers group when her picture was leaked in the 2017 Met Gala, where she was smoking in the bathroom. 5 Unusual Celebrity Habits That Will Blow Your Mind! WTF

Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the famous Hollywood characters Leonardo DiCaprio who played many unconventional roles has a habit of smoking. It was very unexpected for his fans when they know Leonardo is one of the celebrities who smoke. But now Leonardo is very usual with smoking even he is seen doing smoking on movies set and in films. He is also caught doing smoking in film awards. 5 Iconic Movie Characters That Can Never Be Replaced

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is one of the top American model’s celebrities who smoke and the sister of Gigi Hadid, who is also an American model. She was voted for the model of the year in 2016. She was too caught doing smoking in the 2017 Met Gela. After that, she started doing posting photos of smoking and joked about everything about quitting smoking. 4 Entrepreneur Movies to Watch for a Successful Business

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is a well English actor, and he is known for playing the Harry Potter role. This Harry Potter series and many of his series in the early and late 10’s made him one of the highest-paid actors. He is one of the celebrities who smoke, and he claimed that he has no attention to quit smoking. 10 Christopher Nolan Movies to Increase your Intelligence

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is one of the successful actresses who got many awards and as well as praises for her acting. She got very famous after playing a role in the Titanic movie with Leonardo Dicaprio, and then her successful career remains for many years. Kate is also one of the celebrities who smoke, and kate tells it in her interview. In that interview, she said she loves smoking with coffee, and she avoids doing that in front of her children. 5 Sources to Watch Free HD Movies

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the talented American singer and songwriter. After singing in church in childhood, she adopted that profession and got success. She is like those female celebrities who smoke. Katy adopted this habit because it helps her to remain calm, and she is frequently seen doing the smoking. Her fans are also aware of her this habit, and they think it will disturb her vocals. His Dark Materials Season 2 Returns: Everything You Need To Know

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is an American beautiful young actress and also a filmmaker. She was one of the highest-paid actresses in 2010 and 2012. Kristen is one of the celebrities who smoke, and she is well known about doing smoking during filming. Many people criticize the 30 years actress about her smoking breaks during filming. Top 10 Life-Changing Inspirational Movies you Must Watch

Simon Cowell

Simon is an English television personality, and he is the executive producer of the famous show America’s Got Talent. He is like those celebrities who smoke for a long time. In 2013 Simon twitted about cut down smoking, and then Simon started electronic cigarettes. But in his later interview, he said he would not quit it because life would be too dull. How to Make Money on Tiktok With or Without Followers

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a well known American singer, actress, dancer, and fashion designer. She is also one of those celebrities who smoke, and even she takes a break during filming to do smoking. It also worrier her fans that smoking will disturb her voice. Top 5 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2020


Like these popular celebrities, many other stars have a habit of smoking, which is not good medically. Every fan gets inspiration from their stars and follows their habits. IQ Quiz: Are You Genius or Not? Check Your IQ level now. So find good habits in your favorite celebrities and don’t follow negativity in your favorite stars. I expect you will love and support my content and give me positive feedback. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.


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