Anger Management Exercises to Control Anger

Do you want to control anger? In this blog i will share some anger management exercises that help you to control it.

Why Anger Management Exercises

Research has found that there are some exercises that help you to control the anger. There are many searches on google like how to control anger in a relationship.

These anger management techniques help you to control it. You can’t help someone to control his/her anger. Only that person can control it by himself.

If you want to control it then theses anger management exercises will help you to do this.

You can also take Anger Management Test to test yourself after doing these exercises.

Some Anger Management Exercises

Anger can cause many problem like high blood pressure which further leads to many heart diseases. These anger management exercises can help you to calm down and then help you to move forward in a positive way.

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Calm Down Your Brain

Anger management exercises: calm down brain

The whole body is in control of brain. If your brain is under stress and tension, it means your whole body is under stress.

Anger is directly related with stress. So, try to calm down your brain. Don’t think too much about such things that can put you under stress.

Mostly students are under stress due to studies. Don’t put lot of things in your brain. Take a complete sleep of at least 8 hours.

Physical activities, visiting a natural place once a week. All these things make your brain fresh.

Lets check some more anger management exercises:

Try to Breathe Slowly to Control Anger

breath slowly

Notice that when you are angry you breathe quickly. To calm down try to breathe slowly. Try to breathe from nose and out from the mouth.

This will help you to control the anger. Repeat this process and at one stage you feel that you are now calm down.

Do Some Physical Activity Daily

anger management exercises

Physical Activities are one of the best anger management exercises. Physical activities like exercise regularly is the best way to control Anger.

Try to do some activity daily like sports or other things. If you can not do any of them, go for a walk daily for 15-30 minutes.

Physical activities will help you to take out stress from the body. Stress and pressure are the causes of anger.

Try to Listen Other Person

anger engagement exercises

When you are in a discussion with someone you will try to go to conclusion directly and you don’t want to listen the other person.

Try to listen other person carefully and if you thing you are wrong then try to accept it that you are wrong.

In simple words stop and listen. Listen a person completely and then respond.

Understand Your Body Signs

When you are angry there are different signs produce by your body. For example your body temperature may increase, high blood pressure, breathing speed increases etc.

Pay attention on your body that what kind of sign it produce when you are angry and try to overcome these signs for the next time.


These are some anger management exercises that help you to control anger. No one can help out to control this thing. You have to control it yourself.

There are some other ways to control the anger but if you are applying these five ways in your life you can overcome anger easily.

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