Artificial Intelligence Quiz for Beginners


    As we know that Artificial Intelligence is one of the growing fields in the world. Every country is working on Artificial Intelligence. If you are also learning artificial intelligence, here are some questions for you.

    Attempt these questions and check your knowledge. These are some simple basic AI questions for you. Attempt this quiz and share it with your friends.

    • Question of

      AI is the ability of computers or machines to?

      • Think Like Humans
      • Perform Tasks Like Humans
    • Question of

      An agent which takes input from its environment and take the best decisions automatically is called?

      • Intellegent Agent
      • Artificial Agent
    • Question of

      Most popular programming language use for AI is?

      • C++
      • JAVA
      • PYTHON
      • JS
    • Question of

      Computing systems inspired by human brains are called

      • Brain Networks
      • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Question of

      What is strong AI?

      • focuses on performing a specific task
      • perform a variety of functions, eventually teaching itself to solve for new problems.

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