How to Become a Data Scientist in 2022? Complete Roadmap

    In this article I will tell you how to become a Data Scientist in 2022? I will also recommend you some courses and books so that you can learn all the things related to Data Science easily.

    Here are the list of things that you need to learn:

    1. Statistics (Basics)

    Statistics is very important for Data Science. You don’t to need to learn all the things, you have to learn some basic things:

    • Measure of Central Tendency (Mean, Median and Mode)
    • Probability Distributions (Focus on Normal Distribution)
    • Gradient Descent Optimization
    • Graphs


    Hines and Mathematics for Machine Learning are good books for Basics of stats for Data Science. For Graphs you can read the book Play with Graphs.

    Remember that you don’t need to learn all the content of the books. Just learn the basic things and graphs. Means if someone gives you an equation to draw the graph you can easily draw it.

    2. Programming

    The best language to learn for Data Science is Python. There are some other languages like R, but as a beginner Python is best for you.

    You should learn:

    • Basics of python
    • Numpy and Pandas
    • Matplotlib/Seaborn (First of all learn Matplotlib. These libraries are for Data Visualization.)

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